Extra Activities

Your child’s day is packed with fun & educational extra activities that are already included FREE with your regular preschool tuition so that you do not pay anything extra for the activities that your preschool child participates in during the regular school day. (See AFTER SCHOOL activities for a list of subjects provided to older siblings.)


Dance Studio One presents Ballet technique classes for little ones. Learn the French ballet terms and technique at the ballet barre, center floor and even learn a class routine for recital. Then put on your playtime tutu and head for our stage for some free dance princess fairy fun. Wings & tutus are provided. The fun is spontaneous!


Dance Studio One presents Jazz technique classes for little ones. Learn Jazz technique. Increase strength, balance and flexibility. Improve your coordination greatly while enjoying upbeat kid friendly music that inspires everyone to get in the groove! (Increase your chances of making Drill Team & Dance teams later by starting now with the right training!)


Pigtails & Pilates presents Youth Yoga in fun and entertaining classes that make yoga exciting for little ones. Watch her flexibility, balance and physical control improve as she goes through the Youth Yoga curriculum.


Studio One Designs presents Great Start Arts. Enjoy projects that make your child’s art totally unique while encouraging self expression. Rejoice in process art that stimulates the neurological system. Learn actual art drawing and painting techniques including step by step systems that build confidence and get results. Discover color through multiple art mediums. Join the fun and get a great start on a lifetime of expressions through art!


The Little Unicorn Kid’s Choir and Kiddie Keyboarding classes give everyone something to sing about! Fun & educational lessons inspire your little one to make a joyful noise and sing a happy tune! Begin reading music, sing with pitch knowledge and begin learning to play the keyboard. Enjoy performing in our Christmas choir show! Sing your heart out little unicorns!


Teddy Bear Tumbling is especially designed for little ones age 2 though 6. Engaging, fun tumbling activities teach proper techniques that help promote strength and flexibility while children learn basic tumbling movements on the mats provided. Front rolls, back rolls, straddle rolls, pike rolls, cartwheels, round offs, etc. Students look forward to their Tumbling classes every day!


Students enjoy Spunky Spanish classes every afternoon! Children enjoy learning a second language with Spunky the super dog. Fun, hands on Spanish games, crafts and songs make these Spanish classes super fun and exciting!


Students look forward to innovative designs by Happy Kids Crafts. Known for their original die cut shape-craft projects and 3D projects, Happy Kids Crafts takes crafting to a whole new level. Puzzle techniques help build the brain while fine motor skills are strengthened through tiny manipulative activities. Paint and decorate your shape-craft project to make it truly your own! Daily crafts in class are included in your regular tuition.