Join us for After School Classes for elementary age students. Register today for one or two class after school (providing your own transportation). Or sign up to have your child ride our bus and attend awesome classes every day after school. (Ride our bus 5 days a week or 3 days a week after school.) Choose your pick-up time from options of 5:00pm, 6:00pm or 6:30pm. Add a morning bus ride to school as well if needed. Drop off your 3 year old and your elementary child with us at 6:30am or 7:00am and pick them both up at 5:00, 6:00 or 6:30pm if needed. Our BUS will pick up and drop off from this LIST of elementary schools. (Bus riders are ages Kinder through 5th grade.) After School Prices & Registration for bus riders. Registration for After School Classes, one or more classes a week. All students must be well behaved on the bus and in class.

Bus and After school prices:

5 days a week bus ride, plus 2 after school classes a day $500.00 a month

5 days a week bus ride plus one after school class a day $440.00 a month.

3 days a week bus ride, plus 2 after school classes a day $350.00 a month

3 days a week bus ride plus one after school class a day $300.00 a month.



Dance Studio One presents Ballet technique classes for elementary students. Learn the French ballet terms and technique at the ballet barre, center floor and even learn a class routine for recital. Perform on our stage at our Christmas show and again in our Spring Dance Recital at a High School PAC center auditorium. (Ballet costume purchase required.)


Dance Studio One presents Jazz technique classes for elementary students. Learn Jazz technique. Increase strength, balance and flexibility. Improve your coordination greatly while enjoying upbeat kid friendly music that inspires everyone to get in the groove! (Increase your chances of making Drill Team & Dance teams later by starting now with the right training!) Jazz costume purchase required.


Dance Studio One presents Cheer technique classes for elementary students. Learn Cheer technique. Increase strength, balance and flexibility. Improve your coordination greatly while learning cheer techniques, cheers and pom pon routines to upbeat, kid friendly music! (Increase your chances of making a cheer squad or drill team later by starting now with the right training!) Cheer costume purchase required.


Studio One Designs presents Great Start Arts. Enjoy projects that make your child’s art totally unique while encouraging self expression. Emerge your child in process art that soothes the soul and stimulates the brain. Learn actual art drawing and painting techniques including step by step systems that build confidence and get results. Discover color through multiple art mediums. Join the fun and get a great start on a lifetime of expressions through art! Show your creations at our student Art Expo in December on our stage and again in May at our Art Extravaganza held at a High School PAC center auditorium. (One time $30.00 supply fee)

Digital Art

Learn digital graphics techniques that will excite and delight your young artist as she learns how to use the tools of the trade for her own creations. Display your digital art at our Art Expo in December and again at our Spring Art Expo. Once she begins digital art classes, she won’t ever want to stop! (One time $30.00 supply fee)


Draw your own original cartoons then learn how to make them move. Create your own scenic backgrounds for your cartoon characters. Showcase your work at our Digital Expo here on our stage in December and again at our Spring Show. Learn how animation works and a proven system to make your cartoon awesome! (One time $30.00 supply fee)

Motion Graphics

Learn motion graphics techniques so you can create your own text and make it move in fantastic ways. Enjoy the fun of creating your own Motion Graphics projects while you add impressive zest to any of your digital projects! (One time $30.00 supply fee)


The Unicorn Kid’s Choir and Kids Keyboarding classes give everyone something to sing about! Fun & educational lessons inspire your K-2nd grade student to sing a happy tune! Begin reading music, sing with pitch knowledge and begin learning to play the keyboard. Enjoy performing in our Christmas choir show! Sing your heart out unicorns kids! (No supply fee or costume.)


Terrific Tumbling is especially designed for Elementary age students K-2nd and 3rd-5th. Engaging, fun tumbling activities teach proper techniques that help promote strength and flexibility while children learn basic tumbling movements on the mats provided. Front rolls, back rolls, straddle rolls, pike rolls, cartwheels, round offs, etc. Students look forward to their Tumbling classes! (Costume purchase required.)


Students enjoy Spanish Language classes! Elementary age children enjoy learning a second language. Fun, hands on Spanish games, crafts and songs make these Spanish classes super fun and exciting! You will be amazed at how fast your child picks up a new language! (No supply fee or costume.)



Students who ride our bus after school must be registered in our After School Bus Rider Program. Only students who register for 5 days or 3 days a week are allowed to ride the bus. Students must meet at the designated area and follow all school rules and bus safety rules. Parents must have excellent communication with us daily especially if their child will be absent from school or leaving early and thus not riding the bus. A $30.00 fee will be charged for your child’s absence IF you have not communicated her absence at least 2 hours before school is out for the day. All students must have excellent behavior during bus rides. Children with uncontrollable or loud behavior will be expelled and not allowed to continue to ride the bus. See “Student Bus Rules” for more information. No food or drinks are allowed on the bus. Seatbelts must be worn at all times. Booster seats are provided for those who need them. No unscheduled stops are allowed. Exit from the Bus is only allowed within the designated area. Students must sign out as they exit the bus.


Tuition is charged by automatic debit on the 1st of each month in the amount that you authorized during your registration. All tuition is paid monthly. Our Fall semester begins August 5 and continues through mid May. Tuition is non refundable. All months are priced the same regardless of holidays. All months are priced the same regardless of your absence.There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks. The auto payment will be processed on the 1st of the month throughout the school year. In cases of holidays or weekends, the draft will be charged on the last weekday before the holiday and may not appear to be processed until the following day or several days later. A $25.00 late fee will be charged for tuition that has not been paid successfully by the 5th of the month. We will contact you by email if your card is not able to be processed.


Email us with your "add a class" request. Be sure to tell us which class you would like to add. You will receive an official email reply from us letting you know that we have received your request.  A student may add a class only if the class is still open and a costume is still available for another student. You can start by checking the schedule online to see if the class is marked FULL. Students cannot be added to a class that is already marked Full. The earlier you add a class, the more likely it will be possible.


There is a $15.00 class change fee. Email us and include the class you want to drop and the class you want to add. We will respond and let you know if space is available in the class that you would like to add. Students cannot change into a class that is already marked Full. Check the class schedule online before attempting to change classes. Be aware that the costume is different for each class and the recital routine is different for each class. You can only change into a class where an additional costume in your size is still available.  In order to change classes, you must add one and drop one. 


Email your schedule change request. Your “drop date” will be effective on the 1st of the following month.  In order to drop a class,  you must give us 30 days notice by emailing us no later than the 1st of the month prior to your drop date to avoid being charged another month (For example; drop no later than November 1 to be effective December 1. There are no refunds to your Automatic Monthly tuition once the month has begun. Add/Drops  cannot be made by phone. Add/drops cannot be made at the front desk in person. After you have emailed your request, you will receive an official email reply from us letting you know that we have received your request and that your drop request has been processed. All Registration Fees and Monthly Tuition (including 1st month's tuition) are non-refundable. 


For the safety of our students, all children are to be dropped off & picked up inside the building in a timely manner. It is recommended that students arrive ten minutes early for class. Preschool & Elementary students will not be permitted to leave the building without a parent. No student will be permitted to wait outside or walk home regardless of age. Students not picked up at the end of their class will be charged a babysitting fee of $2.00 per minute.  Any important announcements will be made by email. Students are required to stay in the class in which they are enrolled. Students who are not registered for a specific class are not allowed to enter that specific class. Students are not allowed to run in and out of class.

Parent Attendance

It is not necessary that the parent remain in the building during the entire class. You may enter the building, sign in your child and go. If your child rides the bus, we will sign in your child. If your child is a car rider and you plan to stay and watch classes you must sign in as a visitor or volunteer. For the safety of all our students, visitors & volunteers who stay to watch the class must have an official state background check done in advance. The state may also require a fingerprint. This process must be started at our front desk one month prior to your attendance of an entire class. All parents may enter the front foyer without needing a background check. You will need to pick up your child at the end of class. You may also come all the way into the dance room once a month during the parent observers time 6:30pm to 6:35pm without a background check, to observe your child’s progress during our demonstration. (6:00pm to 6:05pm for classes ending at 6:00pm.) Be sure to sign out your child everyday after class. Anyone picking up your child must be listed on your original registration forms. If you are early, you will need to wait in the foyer until class is finished. The whole class will be brought up front to the foyer when class is over. Parent Observation Day is held during the last 5 minutes of the Last Class of each month.


Regular attendance is required. All students are to be dressed & ready by the beginning of class. To prevent muscle injury, students who miss the warm up will not be allowed to dance, tumble or cheer but will be allowed to stay & watch. Ballet students who miss the "barre work" will not be allowed to dance. Students must arrive on time in order to warm up properly. Students cannot have more than 3 absences after April 1 in order to participate in Recital. Should extenuating circumstances arise, please see your instructor.


Students who are not properly dressed for dance, tumbling and cheer will not be allowed to participate in class. All dancers are expected to adhere to studio policy regarding proper attire. A leotard and tights is required for ballet classes. Dancers will not be permitted to wear costume style skirts/tutus since it is a distraction to other dancers. Class appropriate shoes are also required for each subject taken. Satin or fabric slippers typically sold at discount stores are a hazard and will not be allowed in class. In order to enter class, hair must be meet class requirements (bun for ballet and ponytail for all other classes). Click on the "Attire" navigation button at the top of the page for detailed information for each subject. Age 4 and up wear black leotard. Age 3  wears pink. Leotards must be tank style with no words, pictures, ruffles or bling. 


Click on the "Calendar" navigation button at the top of the page for a detailed After School Class schedule plus Holiday camp options.


Should weather conditions make it unsafe for our students to travel, the studio will cancel classes and post a notice on the Home page. An email will be sent whenever possible. Credits or refunds to monthly tuition will not be made. The studio normally only cancels when KISD cancels school. Make-up classes are not possible due to the large number of students and our already packed schedule year round. We do not always miss as many days as the public schools do so watch for information on our home page.


All students will be required to purchase 1 costume for each dance, tumbling, and cheer subject taken to be worn at all performances. Students who miss the fitting date will need to schedule an appointment to get sized for an additional cost ($5.00). The Ballet costume fee will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on September 15 unless prior payment has been made.  The Jazz costume fee will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on January 2 unless prior payment has been made. The Cheer costume fee will be charged on October 15th unless prior payment has been made. The Tumbling costume fee will be charged on February 2nd unless prior payment has been made.  All costume fees are nonrefundable. Costumes left at the studio 30 days after the spring recital in May will become the property of the studio. Students who drop a class cannot pick up their costume until after spring recital. There is no costumes for art, digital classes, Spanish or music even though they do have a show.                                               


After School students are welcome to bring bottled water to class. Students participating in AfterCare may bring a snack if it is eaten during the designated snack time, at the table. (No peanuts or peanut products due to allergies & asthma. No grapes due to the choking hazard. No fruit cups.)


All months are priced the same regardless of holidays. For your convenience, tuition for the entire school year has been added together and divided evenly throughout the school year so that students pay the same amount each month regardless of holidays, long months or short months. All months are priced the same regardless of holidays. Tuition is non-refundable. NOTE: We celebrate a holiday just about every month. Festive decorations, color pages, stamps and holiday music add to the excitement. Yes, we do Christmas! We will be playing Christmas music in class. It is not possible to shield one student from the holiday experience. All students need to plan to participate as part of the group. The holiday theme is woven into the technique presentation for that month and cannot be omitted.  


We are not responsible for missing or lost items. Items that are found will be left in the Lost and Found box at the Front Desk. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each month. It is strongly advised that all shoes be labeled with a permanent marker inside each shoe and every item you bring or wear. 


It is not possible to make up a missed class due to our packed schedule.


You may exchange or refund within 14 days of your purchase of dance attire or gift items. Please note that the product must be returned unused, in original packaging including all tags. The amount you paid for the item will be refunded back to the credit card that you used to purchase the item. Cash refunds are not possible.  Returns must be made DURING OFFICE HOURS. Shoes that have been worn cannot be returned or exchanged. See Office Hours on the "Contact" page.


We strive to create a positive atmosphere. Students will be required to use age appropriate manners & class educate. Loud or non-compliant students will be asked to leave the class & may try again the next week. Students who are still loud or non-compliant during their second class will need to wait a semester before trying the class again. Parents & siblings are not allowed to join the child in the dance room during class time. Parents may come into the dance room during presentation time (during the last 5 minutes of class) each week.  Children who are crying are not allowed to enter the room until they are quiet. A child who cries during class must leave the class until she has stopped crying & may return when she is not crying. Note: Most of our students are very happy most of the time. A new student who is apprehensive about going into the room may need to watch for the first week. Bringing a lot of extra people on your child's first day is too much pressure. New students do better when only one parent brings them. (Click for helpful hints on a successful First Class.)


Classes must maintain a minimum of 6 students per class in order to remain a class. If the class you are registered in drops below 6 students then you will be required to choose another class or drop. (We are required by law to list a "class minimum" normally our dance classes are quite full. Register early! Class size is limited depending on the subject and age. Our bus rider groups have already made the minimum. Register today while there is still a spot for your child.


 Recital tickets are available for purchase one month before the May recital show date. Online is the only way to make your purchase. All ticket sales go towards the cost of the auditorium. May recitals are held in a PAC center at a High school and will seat almost a thousand. You may purchase as many tickets as you like. Your dancer does not need a ticket if she will be back stage or on stage the whole time. The front half fills up quickly so make your ticket purchases early. Make sure you and your relatives know which show your child is in before you purchase tickets. We normally have 3 or 4 shows on the same day. All dance, tumbling & cheer students perform at our May recital. Our December shows are held on our stage and are free with no ticket purchase required.