Preschool Registration Form Info

Print and fill out each page.  Bring your  forms in to the Preschool Of Performing Arts West, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. We will look over your forms & check for availability. IF your child is accepted, you can pay one month of tuition in order to reserve your place in class. You may reserve your place up to one year in advance. Three to six months in advance is common.   A last minute registration may be possible if someone in your age group has recently moved. Spaces fill quickly. Register today! Note that the 9th page is available at the preschool. You will also need to wait until you receive your merchandise before signing page 8. We will need a copy of your immunizations. You can go ahead and turn in all other forms while you are waiting on the physicians signature. 

Preschool Registration Forms -  2018

NOTE -  (This is 10 pages.) You may also pick up a copy of the blank forms in our office. This form is required for Fall and also for SUMMER CAMPS

OFFICE HOURS - 8:00am to 5:00pm, TOURS Monday through Friday 9:00am to noon. No appointment needed. Come on in!

Note - These same  pages are required for Summer Camps. You may fill out the forms one time and then come to as many camps as you like.