Preschool Policies

Registration Policy  

The one time Registration fee of $120.00 is to be paid when you register & is non-refundable if your child is accepted into the school. (The registration fee will be refunded within 7 days if your child is not accepted into the school.)

Curriculum Fee Policy  

Your annual curriculum fee of $144.00 is due when you register.  Once the semester has begun, there are no refunds for curriculum.

Preschool Tuition & holiday Policy  

Tuition is not refundable for the month in progress. All months are priced the same regardless of holidays. For your convenience, tuition for the entire school year has been added together and divided evenly throughout the preschool year so that students pay the same amount each month regardless of holidays, long months or short months. All months are priced the same regardless of holidays. Tuition is non-refundable. Click on the "Calendar" navigation button to see our Holiday schedule.   NOTE: We celebrate a holiday just about every month. Festive decorations, color pages, stamps and holiday music add to the excitement. Yes, we do Christmas! We will be playing Christmas music during our December classes. It is not possible to shield one student from the holiday experience. All students must participate as part of the group. Each month the holiday theme is woven into the technique presentation & curriculum for that month and cannot be omitted. The holiday theme is also carried through the academic lessons. We display Christmas decor with baby Jesus, Angels, Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees and more. We display Easter decor, Valentine decor, and much more! Come join the fun!

Tuition payment Policy

All tuition payments are made monthly on the 1st of the month by auto debit. Tuition is not refundable. One month of tuition  will be automatically charged to your credit card on file on the 1st of each month unless the 1st falls on a holiday or weekend. When the first falls on a holiday or weekend, tuition will be charged on the Friday before the 1st. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks. If you are having trouble with your card or for some reason your credit card transaction cannot be processed, then you may bring in a cashiers check from a bank on the 1st of the month or before the first.
Note - if you do not pay on 1st of the month, your child cannot attend class until tuition is paid. If you have not paid any amount by the 5th of the month, your child’s space in class could be given to someone on the waiting list. If you need to set up a payment plan for every two weeks, we can make those arrangement for you but you must submit the request in writing, by email before the 3rd to avoid a $25.00 late fee.

Acceptance Policy  

Acceptance is based on availability. Registration is ongoing until all classes are full. Registration forms must be 100% completed with no spaces left blank. A copy of your child's birth certificate is required for proof of age. You must also provide immunization records before your child’s first day. A doctor’s signature is required in several places on your registration packet so assure that your child is healthy enough to attend school. A vision & hearing test is also required. Academic skills tests are given as an assessment of progress and have no effect on your child's acceptance into the school.

Drop Policy  

You have registered for the entire school year. If you need to drop out of preschool completely, then you must give us 30 days notice by email BEFORE the 1st of the month in order to stop your automatic debit. There are no refunds for the month in progress even if you do not attend. There are no refunds for those who register and then decide not to attend. (Example: You need to email us no later than January 1st in order to drop on February 1st, stop your auto debit and not be charged for February. ) We do not accept drops by phone. Your drop request must be in writing, by email, from the same email address that you used at registration. We will confirm that we have received your email. You are not dropped until you receive our confirmation email. You should receive our confirmation within 48 hours during non-holiday weekdays. There are no tuition refunds for those who have registered ahead of time for Fall. You must come in and use up your first month of Tuition. We must have 30 days notice if you do not wish to be charged for the following month. 

Attire Policy

Correct attire is required & is essential for learning in all fine arts classes. Parents must pay close attention & dress your child in the correct attire for each day of the week. On Ballet day your child must arrive at school already dressed for Ballet. On Jazz day she must arrive already dressed for Jazz. On Art day she must arrive already dressed for Art. See details below. Note - Students who are not dressed in proper attire will be required to purchase a new leotard & tights from our front desk so they do not fall behind in class and so they set a good example of adhering to our attire policy. (Note that a leotard is $20.00 and a pair of tights are $10.00 so you may want to keep an extra set packed in your backpack in case you need it.)

Attire for Ballet Day (Monday)  

Wear your studio issued leotard, light pink tights, hair in a bun and regular school shoes. In order to enter class, hair must meet class requirements, (bun for ballet day). Bring a change of clothes for after dance class. Your ballet shoes will remain at the studio.  You are responsible for washing your leotard and tights at home every time they are worn. You must bring a change of clothes. Students are not allowed to stay in their leotard all day. Assistance will be provided when changing clothes.

Attire for Jazzclass/yogaclass/review ballet  (Tuesday, Thursday)  

Wear your own fitted, stretchy, leggings in any color. Wear any color fitted t-shirt (not a dress or long ruffled T). Wear your hair in a pony tail, pig tails, doggy ears or bun. In order to enter class, hair must be meet class requirements. Jazz is done bare footed. You will stay in your leggings and t-shirt for the rest of the day. We do not change clothes on Tuesday & Thursdays.

Attire for Wednesday for Art   

Hair must be up or pulled back. Wear regular school clothes that you can get paint on. All of our paint is non toxic & made for use by children but it doesn’t always come out of your clothes. Art class is messy, come prepared. Every effort is made to keep their clothes clean but in order to have full creative freedom, your child should not be impaired by an “outfit” that she "cannot get dirty”. 

Attire for Friday (Tumbling)

Hair should be in a low pony tail for Tumbling. Wear your own fitted, stretchy, leggings in any color. Wear your Preschool Of Performing Arts T-shirt. We do not change clothes on Fridays.

FREE - Your child will receive the following attire FREE:

One class Leotard to be worn on Monday  Ballet day (Pink for age 2 and age 3, black for age 4, Kinder Bridge). One pair of ballet Pink tights to be worn on Monday. (If you are a Tuesday/Thursday student, you will wear your ballet attire on Thursday.) One pair of pink leather Ballet shoes to be worn on Ballet day and to be left at the studio until the last day of the semester. One Preschool Of Performing Arts T-shirt to be worn on Fridays. All of the items above can be picked up during Parent Orientation night or on the first day of school. Note - We are giving your child Ballet shoes, leotard, tights and a T-shirt.  Most children will outgrow their ballet shoes and some attire within the same semester. It is up to the parent to purchase the second pair of shoes when needed. Replacement attire and shoes must be purchased from us when needed so that all the students stay uniform. You may purchase additional attire at the front desk during preschool hours. 

Attire Emergencies

If you have an "attire emergency" and cannot find your leotard or you have just discovered that the dog ate your tights, you may call us and issue your approval for a one time charge to your account on file for a new leotard or new tights. We will ask for an email from your usual email address in order to verify this approval. You will receive a receipt by email. All items are in stock at the studio. If you are unable to wash her dance attire each week then plan ahead. Buy a second leotard from us before you start. All leotards worn in class must be our regulation leotard. Put your name in the tag! No attached skirts are allowed in class. 

Shoe requirement

All preschool students are required to wear velcro sneakers or slip on shoes that they can put on and take off by themselves. Boots are not allowed. Flip flops are not allowed. Open toed sandals are not allowed. Jellies are not allowed. Shoes that have laces are not allowed. It is the parent's responsibility to see that the child wears an approved shoe to school. Students are not allowed to go bare footed during regular preschool classes. 


Toys are NOT permitted in school. Toys cannot be brought into school and cannot be stored in your back pack or cubbie. Exception 1: Once a month on show-N-tell day students may bring one item that stays within school rules. No noise making or singing toys or books. No perfume or perfumed items. Exception 2: Napping children may bring one snuggle-sized bear or doll for use only during nap time, no accessories allowed, no barbies. Bears and Dolls must be clean and not marked on. Pacifiers & comfort blankets are allowed only during nap time. Kinderbridge students do not have a reason to bring a toy, doll, or bear on a regular basis because they do not nap.


Students are not allowed to wear perfume. Students are not allowed to bring perfume, nail polish, hair spray, make-up or any hair products. We strive to create an allergy free environment for our students and our staff.  It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the child is not wearing perfume.  

Hair Policy

Hair must be worn up in a bun, pony tail or pig tails every day. We are a fine arts school and we require that all hair be “up” for all dance classes & art classes. Even regular in-class learning is easier without hair falling into your child’s face as a distraction. Really short hair should be secured away from the face with a fabric head band or clips that will not come off during dance classes. Your ballet bun doesn’t have to be pretty, just functional. No plastic head bands, crowns, large flowers, clips that won't stay in or singing hair bows. Most hair bows are pulled out by the child within the first hour of the day. Limit distractions and skip the bow whenever possible.  

Class Change Policy

There is a $35.00 class schedule change fee. Email us and include the class day or days that you want to add. We will respond and let you know if space is available in that class. Students cannot change into a class that is already FULL. Be aware that most class schedules, such as 3 days a week, will be already full by the time we start the semester. Changes cannot be made late in the semester. Be aware that the costume is different for each class and the recital routine is different for each class. You can only change into a class where an additional space is available and a costume in your size is still available.

Arrival & Dismissal Policy

Arrival - For the safety of our students, all preschool students are to be dropped off & picked up in a timely manner. Morning classes begin with children inside the room, doing actual class work at 9:00am. A parent or approved guardian must park and bring the child inside the entry way and check in the child. So that we may begin class in a timely manner, parents are encouraged to drop off at the entry way. Older siblings are not allowed to enter past the entry way door. Parents of 2 year olds will escort the child all the way back to the 2s room. Parents of older children may want to escort your child to their home room until they get used to the drop off procedure. Drop offs go smoother when they are done quickly in the entry way. Parents are welcome to view preschool classrooms at any time through our large observers windows in every room, however, you will be an interruption to the classes in progress. The students can see you through the observers windows as well. Please do not interrupt classes any more often than needed.  We ask that observers remain extremely quite and turn off your phones before entering.  

Dismissal - Students must be picked up on-time. No student will be permitted to exit out the security door or wait outside. No students are allowed to walk home regardless of age. Students are not permitted to go into the entry way until the parent or pre-approved guardian is present inside the entry way for check out. Every day, the parent or pre-approved guardian MUST show a valid drivers license in order to pick up the child. Be sure to add baby sitters and grand parents to your ID if you are allowing them to pick up your child. 

Students not picked up on time will be charged a babysitting fee of $2.00 per minute. There is no play time after 5:00 until August 5th when our hours change. During our present schedule, we begin our evening dance classes for older children at 5:00. Those who are staying from 3:00 to 5:00 do pay an additional fee each month. Your place in this aftercare program must be reserved in advance. Students cannot just decide to stay and play longer with no advance notice. See details on the "Tuition" page. As of August 5th, 2019 our new hours will be 6:30am to 6:30pm. Students may register for early care and after school classes. Bus service will provided to selected schools. The is a fee of $2.00 per minute after 6:30pm beginning Aug. 5th.

Attendance Policy  

Students should strive to arrive on time. All students are to arrive already dressed & ready to dance. Students who have not arrived by 10:00am will not be allowed to participate in that preschool day. There are no make-up classes. Regular attendance is highly suggested. We learn new academic material every day. There is no way to make up the entire preschool day. Most of what we learn is done through group activity or one to one instruction. Everyone will miss one or two days, now and then. Missing several days in a row will cause the student to fall behind. Each day builds on what was learned the day before. Please email us and let us know if you will be absent. Please stay home when you are sick. We share a lot of things but we do not want to share your germs. In order to participate in Recital, students cannot have more than 3 absences after April 1st. Should extenuating circumstances arise, please contact the front desk.

Calendar Policy  

Click on the "Calendar" navigation button at the top of the page for a detailed preschool holiday schedule. When you look at the Calendar please Note - We will be closed during Christmas which is KISD's "winter break". We will also be closed during the KISD Spring break and Easter holiday. However, this year we will offer Holiday camps for an additional $35.00 per day for those who need care during the breaks. See calendar for specific closure dates & Holiday camp dates.

Cell Phone Policy  

To preserve the quality of instruction and to minimize distractions, cell phone conversations should be kept at a minimum. We are a Christian studio. We require all parents and observers to maintain POSITIVE behavior and appropriate language while in the studio, while on the phone and while attending studio events. Behavior that is considered loud or disruptive is not permitted.

Sibling policy

Siblings are not allowed inside the preschool during preschool class time. If you plan to observe preschool classes you will need to make other arrangements for siblings. If your preschooler is well and the sibling is sick, the sibling will not be allowed inside the preschool during drop off or pick up.

Class Cancellations Policy  

During rare periods of extremely severe weather, the Preschool consults KISD. Should weather conditions make it unsafe for our students to travel, we will cancel classes and post a notice on the Home page of our web site. Cancelations are rare and are only made when absolutely necessary such as for hurricane, ice or flooding.   Credits or refunds to monthly tuition will not be made. The decision to cancel classes will be made early during the morning of the imposing threat, based on the weather at that hour and on the forecast for the day. Emails will be sent if possible. 

Costume Policy  

Preschool students will be given one costume Free for Ballet. Costumes will be handed out prior to the performance. The same costume will be worn for all performances so keep your costume nice and put it away carefully after the December performance because you will be using it again in May! Click on the "Calendar" navigation button for more event information.

Food & Drinks Policy  

Students are required to bring a morning snack and a lunch box with a lunch that is ready to eat. A child who brings no lunch or snack cannot be dropped off.  In an effort to protect the health of our students with severe allergies, we are a PEANUT FREE facility.  If you come early between 7:00am and 8:am, you may bring in breakfast. Walking in while eating is not allowed. No candy or gum is allowed in the preschool. Those who are staying for extended care and will still be here at 4:00 must bring an afternoon snack as well.  

Birthday treats

Special birthday snacks brought by the parent must be “store bought” with a printed ingredient label. They must be dropped off when you drop off the child IF they are concealed in a box or bag with the child's name on it. Fill out the birthday snack form. The birthday snack will be eaten during your child's regular snack time. Bring enough for 14 students. Parents & siblings do not attend. Please let the front desk personnel know one week in advance. Treats may not be dropped off until the day they will be eaten. Plates, napkins & a center piece are suggested and may also be dropped off on the day of the snack-party no later than 9:00am. (Note - be sure to arrive on time with your child and your treats so that we have time to set up your snack-party. No cups needed. No juice allowed. Students will use their regular thermos. You may include party favors if they are not a choking hazard and there are enough for your entire class including your child. Balloons must be Mylar.

Lost & Found Policy

The Preschool of Performing Arts is not responsible for missing or lost items. Put your name on absolutely everything you bring or wear. Items that are found in the preschool will be left in the Lost and Found box at the Front Desk. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each month. It is strongly advised that all clothing and shoes be labeled with a permanent marker inside each shoe and on every clothing tag and jacket tag. We do not wear jewelry to dance classes or art classes. It is recommended that students do not wear jewelry to preschool. IN an effort to minimize distractions, bracelets, crowns, rings and dangle ear rings are not allowed. 

Behavior Policy  

We strive to create a positive atmosphere. Students will be required to learn and use age appropriate manners & class educate. Students who have repeated inappropriate behavior will be redirected. We use positive reinforcement whenever possible. Those who continue to have extreme behavior problems will be put on probation. Students who are non-compliant on a daily basis causing a daily disruption in class or hurting other students, will be expelled permanently. If behavior is a problem, the parent will be contacted. Students who have been expelled from other preschools will not be accepted into our preschool.

Class Minimum Policy  

We are required by the state to list a class minimum policy. Our classes normally have 14 students plus a waiting list. State required notice: classes must maintain a minimum of 4 students per class in order to remain a class. If the class you are registered in drops below 4 students then you will be required to choose another class or drop.